Covid-19 – Back to Tennis

Evesham Tennis Club Covid-19 safe play rules

In using the courts please follow current Government advice in respect of outdoor activity and social distancing.

The rules below are designed taking into account the particular environmental circumstances of the club and the advice of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). They are in place to protect everyone and give as many members as possible the opportunity to play.

Please also be aware of the LTA Covid-19 guidelines for players which are on the LTA website.

Covid-19 court usage rules

  1. There will be no access to the clubhouse building until further notice.
  2. You may play with members of your own household, (doubles or singles), or with one person from outside your household, (singles only). The courts are for the use of ERC members only. No non-members to enter the courts.
  3.  One to one coaching is allowed with a club coach. If you wish to have coaching please contact the coach direct.
  4. Only 4 courts will be available for play. Acrylic court 3 will be set aside primarily for coaching.
  5. Use of the courts must be booked through Clubspark. They will be available to book from 8:00am to 8:30pm on any day in 1 hour slots and with 30 minutes between each booking. If you do not already have a Clubspark login or have any queries, please reply by e-mail to . Courts can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.
  6. If you arrive at the club in a vehicle please park away from other vehicles and the court gates to allow social distancing.
  7. The gates to the courts will be secured by combination locks. The combination will be sent to members separately. Do not share that code with any non-members.
  8. If you are the last person to leave the courts and no-one is waiting to come on to court, please ensure that the gates are locked.
  9. Please bring hand sanitizer with you and sanitize your hands before and after locking/unlocking the gates.
  10. All players under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult.
  11. The connecting gate between the courts will be secured open. Please do not close that gate.
  12. The net heights will be set at the right height and the winders removed, please do not try to adjust them.
  13. Exercise social distancing when using the courts.
  14. Bring your own equipment do not share.
  15. Clean and wipe your own equipment before and after use.
  16. Bring your own marked balls, do not handle any tennis balls that are not your own.
  17. Bring your own water/snacks do not share.
  18. Only players or coaches are permitted onto the playing area.
  19. Players are advised not to change ends. If you do, pass on opposite sides of the net.
  20. In case of emergency please ensure that you have a working mobile phone with you.
  21. Please leave the site as soon as possible after your session, taking all of your belongings with you.
  22. Please wash/sanitize your hands before & after play, and sanitize your hands when opening & closing the courts.
  23. There will be no Tuesday or Thursday turn up and play club/social tennis.
  24. If you are waiting for a player having coaching, supervising juniors or waiting to play please do so off court.
  25. If you, or anyone you live with have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days, please do not enter the site.